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Diwali Paper Luminaries..


It is just a week left for Diwali and I always have the feeling that I do not have enough decorations..;-) hehe.

Anyways, if you agree with me and are looking for last minute ideas here is a cool idea found on pinterest!


I love these paper luminaries and are super easy, quick and practical.

They are punched with thumbtacks and here is complete tutorial.

Since, I am not good @ free hand drawing – took a printout of stencil pattern and punched all along the design 🙂 (stencil patterns)

All you need is glass candle holders/LED candles


Foam/cork board

Thumb tack/pushpin

Printout of the pattern

Double sided tape


Place the card stock onto a piece of cork or foam sheet and lay the stencil pattern on top.


Take a pushpin/thumb tack and start punching holes making sure they are not too close


Once done, wrap it around the candle and you have pretty luminaire ready…:-)

See you in my next Diwali post!