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Creative Sisters!!


So, today it is about my 2 younger siblings Radhika (Rads) & Madhavi (Madhu):-) I love my sisters and cannot image life without them. We fight a lottt and at times share, laugh and love to hang out..;)

Since, they don’t “over use” social media unlike me..;) I thought will share some amazing stuff they do. I had to take permissions before putting in blog!! Kidding 😉 they are very sweet.

1010833_336205073180158_1779933848_nRads is an amazing artist. She is a test engineer by profession and lives in London, England. If you happen to visit my home ( in India) the walls are filled with her paintings. My dad is amazing too, he makes sure to get it framed and find a place on the wall.. :-)She does so many like sketching, oil painting, abstract, portrait, sand art etc.

Well, I can’t wait to share some of her work 🙂


210795_10150229041652059_778682058_8673591_1017748_o 224131_10150229041787059_778682058_8673593_1903563_n

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And then comes my youngest one Madhu.

IMG_2412She is flip-flops/sandals freak and has a ton that matches her dresses..;-)A Darling sister with a beautiful smile.

She is a legal advisor by profession and works for Google, India. Offlate, addicted to Pinterest…;-) I thought I will share some of her DIY’s..;)

So, her recent project is flip-flop makeover and I can’t wait to share how quick a piece a ribbon can change the look and match instantly. Unfortunately I don’t have before pics..:(


Image 1 Image

And also, she matches her tops/t-shirts to sarees( replace with blouse)  and they look absolutely fab. Don’t you think that is a great idea.


2007-04-29 00.41.59-2

And lastly, she does no heat curls from socks..;) After she shared the trick I do it always and was never disappointed. All she does is cut the toe part of a nice stretchy sock and roll it to make  a bun.

Here is the tutorial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI9Qji7Gbvg

From the above pic you know how her hair looks before curls and now after the sock bun..;-)




Btw this is one more t-shirt & saree pairing..:P

I hope you love them and will keep sharing more of their work & creations!!