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Air-dry Clay Diyas


It is just 2 weeks for Diwali and you must have begun the preparations. Every year I add something new either decorations or diyas and this year I was thinking to use the existing ones in new way but wasn’t convinced.

Well, Diwali is an important festival and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to experiment something unique and different and if it is a hit to share it with you all.

We all love to have a new set of diyas every year and in my earlier posts I have shared couple of alternatives. However, today I am going to share an easy way to make traditional looking clay diyas at home. It doesn’t involve a potter’s wheel or kiln.


All you need is –

Air Dry clay ( I used Crayola from local craft store)

Rolling pin,  knife/butterknife and water

Glass bowl ( Dollar tree has these small glass bowls 4 for $1)

Step 1 : Start by dividing clay into equal sized balls ( depending on number of diyas you want to make). It helps in having equal size diyas.


Step 2: Roll out clay on smooth surface to thickness of 1/4 inch.


Step 3: Use the same bowl and lay it top side down on to clay. Cut around the edges with a knife. You may skip this step if you can roll a circle(like shown above).

Step 4: Place the glass bowl top side down and lift off the clay circle and place it on the bowl. Push the clay towards the bowl and on one edge pinch the clay like shown below.

img_6359 img_6366

Step 5: If the edges don’t look clean, use your finger and little water to smooth it out .


Step 6: Let the clay dry overnight ( preferably 12-14 hours). Once dry pop out from the glass bowl.


Step 7 : Use acrylic paints of your choice and the diyas are ready 🙂


You can use either white clay and paint or terra-cotta clay for traditional look.



DIY Diwali Diya


The earthen oil diya is most important thing for the festival of lights( Diwali). Diya is an oil lamp, usually made from clay, with a cotton wick dipped in vegetable oil or ghee(clarified butter). They are native of India and are lighted for all festivals and auspicious occasions.

The process might sound tedious but as a kid, I always loved doing it and after lightening them it looks beautiful and festive.

Lately, we use candles for multiple reasons but the authentic feel diyas give cannot be replaced. If you are living outside India, the price and supply might limit the use of these traditional lamps.

So today,  for my Diwali – Series 8, I have something to share where you don’t have to compromise on using the traditional ones and still remain within budget 🙂

IMG_0655Aren’t they beautiful? And yes, you are right, they are pot saucers. Don’t they almost look like the ones we get in India. And the best part is you can get multiple sizes and yet pay less.

The large ones can be found @ nursery section of any home improvement store for 60c-80c. I got mine @ Lowes during sale. The small one’s are from hobby lobby or can be found at any craft store(Jo ann/Micheals)  for  $1.50 (6 pieces) with 40% off coupon.


The other thing I enjoyed as kid is soaking them in water. It was fun watching the changing colors as they soak water, air bubbles popping from the diyas and the earthy smell 🙂


Soak for 30 minutes and dry. To paint them use regular or metallic acrylic paints and to further decorate you can use sequins/beads/ or any other embellishments. I love the combination of natural terra-cotta and colors.

IMG_0658For few saucers, I used painters tape to create design. They dry within an hour and don’t need lot of tools.


You can light them up with oil and cotton wicks and they look like traditional clay lamps 🙂



See you in my next post.