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Easy baby blanket – 2 yards and 30 minutes


I am still at beginner/intermediate level of sewing and a quick project like this can never be boring.  You look forward to finish it and get pretty excited with the results..;-)

I made several of them( to be precise 12 baby blankets) full size, carseat and stroller blankets for friends and thought why not I post a tutorial. This is a beginner sewing project and fun to make. I buy my fabric @ Joann (stock up during sale) and love the nursery prints/flannel/soft and comfy fabrics. You can buy online as well like

What you need is :

1 yard of printed fabric(front)

1 yard comfy fabric (back)

Matching thread and pins


It is important to prewash the fabric and make sure they are wrinkle free before you start sewing. Also cut any stray ends off your fabric pieces so they are the same size when put together.

Lay the fabrics right sides facing together. Make sure everything is smooth and  flatten to avoid any lumps or folds.


Pin around the sides leaving 8-10 inches opening so that you can turn the blanket right side out later.


Start with a back stitch and sew using 1/2″ seam allowance.


Before you turn right side out – clip the corners and cut excess fabric to prevent bulk.


Once you turn around, iron the edges until everything is flat.


Sew  around the edges and you are done. The blanker is very soft and much thicker than the ones you find in stores.

I love  the decorative stitches on Brother Computerized machine and every time there is a new stitch to match the theme on the fabric…;-)

Isn’t that easy and they make perfect baby shower, baby receiving or even birthday gifts. Just the  size of the fabric you choose differs for each occasion and they can used in multiple ways 🙂

Here is a collection of some handmade baby blankets 🙂IMG_6703.JPGCheers!


Saree and Pallu set for Varalakshmi Vratham!


Goddess Lakshmi is also called Varalakshmi/Varamahalakshmi, the one who grants the boon “Vara”. It is celebrated by south Indians on the second Friday of Shravana Month as per the Hindu Calendar.

This year (2015) it is falling on 28th Augusut. My husband’s family has the tradition of placing Goddess Lakshmi roopu(face) on Kalash and my MIL gave me a silver one after our wedding. Last year, I used a readymade skirt/saree and pallu set 🙂

Here is a picture of 2014 Varamahalakshmi pooja!


This year I  decided to have a new and customized set and here is a tutorial on how to make a readymade saree and pallu set!

You need:

Choice of fabric

Measuring tape

Sewing machine/hand stitched

No stitch fabric glue – found @ craft stores (WalmartHobby Lobby)

Trims and other embellishments that match the fabric.

How you make:

Step 1: Measure the height and the circumference of the kalash like shown below. Add 2 inches to the height and double or 2 1/2 of circumference( for more pleats)

IMG_2013 IMG_2016

Step 2: Cut the fabric as per the measurements. Finish up the raw edges with matching thread (I used white for demonstration). You can also glue the edges with “no stitch fabric glue”

IMG_2017 IMG_2018

Step 3: Fold the fabric to form pleats and stitch. For no stitch – use a dot of fabric glue for each fold and leave to dry for 30 minutes.

 IMG_2021 IMG_2023

Step 4: Wrap around the kalash to make sure it fits well.  Stitch or glue the decorative trim/border to saree and pin it.


Step 5: Make a pallu 3inches wide and length depending on how you want to place on the idol and you have the set ready 🙂


On the actual pooja day, place kalash and the face of goddess. Wrap around the saree and pin it. Add necessary jewelry and finally place pallu. ( For demonstration, I used a mango to place the face – traditionally coconut is used).


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and make a cute and beautiful saree set for this year pooja! I shall share this year pooja pictures soon after the vratham 🙂

Here is 2015  Varalakshmi pooja picture – I made a green set to match my saree 🙂



And 2016 I made orange and maroon saree set to match my saree again 🙂

IMG_3421 (2)


Happy Friday!

DIY Decorative Pillows!


Everyone craves change –  it can be painting the walls, rearranging the existing decor or even reupholstering the furniture. But, not all of them are budget friendly or easy solution. The change has to be affordable and small, yet bring a great difference.

And something that is easy and quick is adding seating and decorative pillows.


I was always unsure on how many pillows are allowed on a couch and didn’t want them to fill the place and give no room to sit.

So, after some deliberation and inspiration from these IKEA fabric pillows, I  decided to DIY custom decorative pillows.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.20.28 AM

They are not oversized, bulky or take away the sitting place.

 Square – 16X16  —   Rectangle – 16X22.


To make these cute little pillows you need:

Sewing machine

Matching thread and Needle


Poly filling


Step 1: Cut the fabric to the desired size – you can do it 2 ways

1 folded piece of fabric  or

2 squares of same size


Step 2: Check the right side of the fabric and put the fronts together.

For folded fabric – sew 2 sides and leave half of the 3rd side open/un-sewn

For 2 piece fabric – sew 3 sides and leave half of the 4th side open/un-sewn


That opening is required to stuff the pillow

Step 3: Then pull the pillow cover right side up and fill it with medium of your choice – I used some left over poly fill fiber and filled it 90%.


Step 4 : Once the pillow is filled  hand sew the open edge with thread and needle. If you are not familiar with basic slip stitch – here is an easy tutorial to hand sew and close the pillow opening.


And I absolutely love the new look, it is refreshing, has some personal touch and most important tie and blend the room together….yayyyy!!


Hope you enjoyed this easy and fun project 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

Easy pillow/cushion/seat cover


My kitchen barstools needed makeover for a long time.

They  were given to us by a friend and I have been using IKEA chair cushions. In our new home, those red chair seats weren’t blending well the rest of the room 😦

Last week, with the perfect fabric on hand, I couldn’t wait to make some quick and simple cushion covers.

IMG_0845 IMG_0846

I found the  fabric @ HobbyLobby on clearance for $10 p.yard – originally priced $35 p.yard. It absolutely matches the rest of the room – family room furniture, kitchen cabinets and the countertops too 😀

Here is a tutorial on how easy it is to make them 🙂

When you shop, buy good fabric for its strength and stain resistance. If you are using a cotton fabric, pre-washing is preferred.

Step 1: Measure the cushion/seat length, width and depth. The chair seats are from IKEA so I used the measurements described on their site.

Step 2:Next you’ll want to lay out your cushion so that folded over, the fabric covers the cushion from top to bottom. Add 2-3 inches both height and length.


Step 3: Lay fabric front over fabric back, right sides together. Pin edges. Sew it together using one-inch seam allowance on three sides.  Once done, turn it right side up and  should look like a market bag with one side open.


Step 4: Insert the pillow to make sure it fits well. I like it to be snuggy.


 Step 5: Fold it like an envelope.


Step 6: Add velcro to both the ends.


Step 7: Hand sew or hem ties at two ends of the seat.


And Tadahhh the covers for the seats are ready!


That was pretty easy right?




We always have some favorite things that we are not ready to get rid off, even after they get old. And for me clothes are one such thing. So, when you/your kid have really pretty designs on a top/dress/tee/shirt, one of the way to feel good is to repurpose 🙂

ImageToday, I am posting one of my sister’s appliqué project on a market bag and a laptop bag 🙂 It is absolutely easy and quick project to give a simple, plain bag a vibrant look.

All she did is cut the design and stitch. She picked the designs from some old cotton tops and the best part is you don’t have to buy any material to make one 😉

Well, I am glad I found the pictures of the tops ( I used to wear them here and in my last visit to home I was forced to leave) she used and here is how they look 🙂


And Tadaah!!! Aren’t they pretty???


“Happiness is Handmade”


Don’t you agree!!

Yesterday after spending 8 hours ( of course with multiple breaks) I finished 8 placemats for our dinner table(extendable) 🙂 and when I was finally done, I was absolutely happy and forgot all the pain..:)

IMG_4163Aren’t they pretty?? And it costed me less than 15 bucks 😉

I found the placemats in stores are bigger than I want and have been looking for right size that fit my table. To have a customized size I decided to DIY.

I have chosen canvas drop cloth as it is water and stain resistant and also wanted to do some stencilling.  I have cut the size(10X12) that matches my table and stenciled a flower and sewed the ends.

This project need couple of supplies that may not be handy so please keep everything ready before you start.


Firstly, cut the fabric into 16 pieces ( for 8 placemats). If the fabric is thick, then you don’t have to double the number.

Secondly, prepare the stencil. To get more details on preparing the stencil please refer to the below link:

IMG_4137 IMG_4139

Next, using painters tape, place the stencil on to the fabric.

I used Tulip Fabric paints and they are very smooth and easy to apply. Also used a little metallic gold paint. Using foam brush apply/dab evenly.Make sure you stencil it on a cardboard so that you don’t stain the carpet or floor.

IMG_4144 IMG_4145 IMG_4146

It is not a quick project for sure as it takes 3 hours for the fabric paint to dry.

Lastly, after the paint is dry sew the ends. Sew the 2 pieces together, leaving a small opening and turn them inside out. They should look like the picture below:


Iron and sew around the edges.


And I have pretty placemats that adds color and also matches my style 😉

Have a great day!!