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Naming the House!!


Naming ones House is an old British Tradition but the custom gradually spread and people started naming their homes.

In India too, naming the House is considered very important as it stays with the house address for a lifetime. The belief is an auspicious house name will surely bring a lot of luck and fortune to the home owners.The common names used by Indians are Hindu Gods/Family God, Holy cities etc. The name will have a prefix such as Nilaya/Nivas/Bhavan meaning dwelling place.

We have been seeing this custom in our family and our parents named our home back in India as “Surabhi Sadan” – meaning Wish Yielding cow.

So, when we bought our first home I wanted to have a name too, associated to one of the Hindu Gods that I believe most and named “GURU SAHAVAS” – meaning God(Sai Baba) is our companion.

After choosing the name, to create a name plate was tough as I wasn’t sure to go with Quilling, Wood and polymer clay or a stenciled nameplate. Well, after some thought, I was clear to use an art that I have never tired before 😉

So, during this process in one of my visits to HobbyLobby while searching for something I bumped into wood crafts aisle and saw a wood burning kit. I bought the heating tool, searched for some tutorials on Youtube and after 3 hours the below piece was ready!


So, this art of decorating wood with burn marks using a heated tool is called “Pyrography”. It means writing with fire.  All you need for this project is wood plaque, a carbon transfer paper, printout of the matter and little practice 😀

On our housewarming day we performed some rituals and placed it on the Foyer wall Niche. Rest of the place is filled with  DIY Paper Dahlia as wreath, peacock and butterfly wall decals from Dollartree and Paper Mache Elephant wall hangings from World Market 🙂


If you have made any interesting family name/House name plates, I would love to see!!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂