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DIY Dolls for Kolu/Bommala Koluvu


I haven’t visited India after I started Bommala koluvu/doll display so, I don’t have many traditional dolls . That really worked well for me because it motivates me to make a new set of dolls. This is second year of display and also 2nd year of making  handmade dolls for Golu.

I am going to share tutorial of one such dolls I displayed for this year(2016) golu/kolu/Bommala Koluvu.


These 3 little brahmins ( aprox 6 inches in height each) are loaded with cuteness and the basket of miniature Jelebi(Indian sweet) is my favorite 🙂

Well, this is not totally my idea. I made the structure of the doll and the eyes  inspired from Channapatna dolls.

It is pretty easy and self explanatory.

Material needed – Scupley white Polymer clay

Step 1: Make the base – a circle and 2 hands. Add a toothpick like shown below and bake for 45 minutes(or as per the temperature mentioned on your clay pack)


Step 2: Then add the head and bake for another 20 minutes. Even if it is over baked and changes the color do not worry.


Step 3 : Pick a color of your choice for skin tone. I used a basic acrylic and gave 2 coats. Sharpie marker works just fine for eyes. And for other details I used metallic acrylic paint, toothpick,  white and red nail polish.


Step 4 : The mini basket is from Michaels and the miniature jelebi is made out of orange sculpey polymer clay 🙂

Step 5: For the base, I picked a 5X7 wooden rectangular plaque from Hobby Lobby , decorated the surface and borders and added 4 beads on to the bottom of the wood.

Finally, glued the dolls and the basket of sweets 😀  That’s it, a cute doll set is ready to set up!!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial 🙂


Earring Hoops!!


If you are looking to craft some stylish earrings, these lovely DIY earring hoops will make you happy 🙂 They are not only easy but fun and floral, perfect for spring/summer!


All you need is polymer clay, blossom plunge cutter and some earring hoops.


Roll and fold multiple times until you get the desired gradient shade or use pasta machine


Next use a button/stamp like here (my previous tutorial) for texture. Using the plunge cutter, make 2 flower sizes. Bake as per package instructions for about 15 minutes. Once cool paint the pieces( I used metallic) and clean up with damp paper towel.


Add a thin coat of Sculpey gloss and let it dry.


Slide on the flowers and the flattened bead cap to the hoops and the earrings are ready to wear 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this super easy and quick tutorial on making some fancy earrings.

Stamped Earrings!


Inspired from one of the tutorials posted @ polymer clay group on Facebook, I have been busy stamping up some clay earrings. This time not stamps but metal filigree buttons.  They have a great texture and comes in beautiful designs and multiple shapes, and here is how they look 😀


So, want to make your own?

Gather the material and get started –

Polymer clay – colors of your choice

Rolling pin

Metal buttons – Mine from here 

Rice/Corn Flour

Acrylic paint and Brush

Wet tissue/wet piece of cotton


Basic Jewelry supplies

Charms that match the jewelry – mine are Charms

Step 1: Take equal amounts of polymer clay in colors of your choice and knead it well called “conditioning”. There are lots of different oven baked clays out there. My favorite is Sculpey though, any other brand works fine.

IMG_0811Step 2 : Roll them and fold multiple times until you get the desired gradient shade.

IMG_0814Step 3: Add some flour to avoid sticking. Take the metal filigree buttons and press it into the clay until you get the desired texture. I didn’t want to have the whole texture so pressed it halfway.

IMG_0816Step 4: Cut the clay into the shape you want and remove the excess. To make the pieces thick i add another layer behind the cut pieces. Use a toothpick to poke a hole in the center top and bottom jus enough to add a jump ring.

IMG_0818IMG_0821Step 5: Bake the pieces as per the package instructions ( mine for 275 F for 20 minutes) and let it cool completely.

Unfortunately, my pieces were burnt but never mind, I still like the color 😉

Now we paint and leave it for couple of seconds.

IMG_0822Step 6: Dip a paper towel or cotton in water and gently clean up the surface. Make sure you don’t wipe into the design.

IMG_0823Step 7: To give it a finished look paint a thin coat of Sculpey gloss and let it dry.  Two coats is usually enough. Then, turn them into earrings by adding the ear wires and the acrylic petal charm to the bottom of earrings.


And Tadahhh….


Don’t you love the texture and the paint in it which creates a completely new look. It is my new favorite and can’t wait to make more 🙂

Happy Monday!

Spring Jewelry


I have been crazy busy all of last 2 weeks on some home improvement projects and cannot wait to be done with that. I shall share pictures soon 🙂

Well, with these projects on hand, I am seriously slacking and decided to have a post ready and here it is!FullSizeRender_3

This beautiful spring floral necklace is  made out of polymer clay. Clay flowers are fun because of its flexibility and beautiful colors. They can be made handmade or use some tools as silicone molds or fondant plunge cutter.

Ready to make some??

Supplies :

Polymer clay

Rolling pin


Plunge Cutters

Chain (2 foot for necklace and bracelet)

Jewelry Pliers

Jump rings

Earring Posts

E6000 Glue

Gather supplies and start by rolling out clay with acrylic rolling pin and use the plunge cutter to make flowers.


The smallest plunge cutter is ideal for necklace and bracelet flowers and the next size for earrings. IMG_0769

To create holes for jump rings, use a skewer/toothpick and gently poke a hole for all the flowers. IMG_0770 Once done bake as per your package instructions. I baked mine(Sculpey) for 7 minutes @ 270 F and let them cool.

Add the pieces to the chain using jump rings and the necklace is ready.

For earrings add flat pad earring post with E6000.FullSizeRender_2



D.I.Y Golu/Bommala Koluvu dolls


Bommai Kolu/Bommala Koluvu is a doll and figurine display festival celebrated during Navarathri/Pongal in Southern India.

On the first day of festival odd numbered Padi (3,5,7,9 or 11) are set up using wooden planks. It is covered with a fabric and then adorned with various deities, dolls and figurines. In the evening women in neighborhood invite each other to visit their homes to view doll displays, they exchange gifts and sweets. Some people take a doll/figurine along, to add it to the display.

So, a friend of mine invited during Navarathri(2014) to view her doll display and that was her first year in the US. She made a simple yet elegant 3 step Kolu and I was really impressed and inspired too.:-)

Since, we have the tradition during Pongal, I couldn’t wait to have one @ our home. I wasn’t actually prepared for it so didn’t have many traditional dolls that are usually displaced. However, after gathering some ideas from internet I was determined to D.I.Y 😉

So, if you are a crafter like me, here is a project that you can easily make for your next Kolu 🙂


Miniature clay musical instruments!!

These cute looking pieces are pretty easy to make and all you need is some imagination and few supplies.These can be made of natural clay or polymer clay. Here are some pictures.


For natural clay, let the pieces dry for at least 48 hours, and  polymer clay, bake as per package instructions. Once dry paint the details with a sharpie marker or acrylic paint.

Isn’t that a fun project!! I hope you enjoyed my first post for 2015 😀

Wish you all a happy new year!!

Hoot Owl Hoot!!


Call me silly but OWLS are adorable!

If you agree, then this cute project will keep your weekend busy ;-)I love everything that has an owl, so does my sister and few other friends. That will surely make quick and easy christmas gift.

So, I can’t wait to share my trendy owl pendant made of polymer clay. The inspiration is a metal pendant that has some cool colors and the best part is it matches most of my tops/tees.


 So, lets get started.

Step 1 : Gather your supplies. You need a rolling pin, craft knife, silver and other color of your choice polymer clay, some round tip tools or pens/markers/toothpick and to add some glitter a cheap eyeshadow set.


Step 2 : Take a piece of silver clay and roll it. Shape it like shown below to form the owl face. Use the marker to stamp eyes and a toothpick and knife to create some design that match the metal piece.

IMG_0690Step 3 : For body pick the color of your choice and roll it flat. Shape it to form the body in 3 pieces. You can do multi color or pick some specific colors to match a particular outfit 🙂 Using a toothpick punch a hole on the head part of the owl to add an eye pin. Also, punch some more to the body. It helps in joining the pieces with jump rings.


Step 4 : Bake the pieces as per the temperature mentioned on the brand of polymer clay for 20 minutes. Once cool use glue to add the eye pin and join with jump rings. For extra glitter on eyes I used a self adhesive rhinestone available @ craft stores.

And a prettty pendant is ready. It can be a great christmas gift to someone who love jewelry and owl 😉

Enjoy 🙂

DIY Owl Christmas Ornament


Welcome to Christmas/holiday fun series-2 🙂

This year holiday spirits are high, it is just November and I am almost done on DIYing christmas gifts and can’t wait to finish christmas ornaments.

Well, in my search for DIY ornaments, I found really cool way of making owls @ Paging fun mums. It is super easy and using a few common supplies and some polymer clay/air dry clay you have cute little ornaments ready 😀

Do you love our cute little owl family 😉


So, lets get started. I am sorry to post pics from original site.

There is some issue with my camera SD card and and I lost all the tutorial pics 😦

Owl-step-by-step 2 Owl-step-by-step 4 Owl-step-by-step 3 Owl-step-by-step 5 Owl-step-by-step 6

How you make it:

Step 1 : Simply roll a ball of polymer clay/air dry clay  and cut into a circle using a bowl/mason jar cap.

When I was rolling into circle I added small pieces of contrasting clay for pattern. For grey owl ornament, added white and for red ornament, I added yellow and further red on it and rolled it all together.

Step 2: Fold the sides of the circle to form “wings” and top to form “face” .

Step 3: Stamp eyes using the lid of the marker and some details using toothpick.

Step 4: Bake it for 20 minutes @ 270 F and let it cool.

Step 5: Use metallic markers or acrylic paint to highlight the details.



These are also fun to gift to friends and family 😀

Have a great day!!

DIY Return Gifts!!


Return gifts are special and always remain as memory. There are a ton of ideas however, traditional ones are unique looking.

I have one such item to share that you can make from Polymer Clay. When I first saw on FB page – It’s clay world, I was really impressed and wanted to make something similar. And the time was perfect, just before Varamahalakshmi Pooja 2014.

So, I couldn’t wait and made couple of sets for friends and was very overwhelmed by the compliments 🙂 This is how my poly clay thamboolam set look 🙂


These fridge magnets are amazing and I lovveeee them!!

For each set there is a blouse piece(blue color), flowers, haldi n kumkum, beetal nut and leaves, flowers, bangle, muruku, choc barfi, banana and one half of coconut.

To make the miniature banana, followed a miniature fruit tutorial on youtube and made flowers with a fondant flower plunger.

The technique used to make the coconut is:

Step 1 : Take equal proportions of brown and white clay and roll it flat.


Step 2: To shape, use a marble or bake scrap clay into a tiny ball. Dip the clay ball or marble into corn/rice flour and lay the white rolled clay and cover with brown clay. Shape it as shown below.


Step 3: Use a toothpick to create the coconut texture and make 3 hollows. If needed refrigerate for few mins to hold the shape.


Step 4: Bake the pieces for 10 minutes @ 275F /130 C. Once cool trim off the edges with a sharp blade.


Step 5: To get more realistic look, use gloss varnish or clear nail polish to glaze the white part.

IMG_5427Rest pieces are handmade.


Lastly, to assemble, I picked dipping sauce cups from Vietnamese store and glued with super glue 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and please don’t forget to leave your thoughts.

DIY Necklace!!


My husband says I am into “Polydiction”. Hehe, yes, Polymer Clay addiction.

You can create beautiful pieces and when it comes to Jewelry, something that absolutely match your outfit.

So, if you are new to polymer clay and not confident yet, this easy tutorial will kick-start the fun 😉

All you need is a ball of matching clay, matching beads(plastic, acrylic, glass or anything on hand) and some fishing line(@Walmart)

If you are new to beading on fishing line this is a great tutorial on how to add clasp to the necklace 

Lets get started:

Firstly,  decide on the size of the necklace. I wanted  a 28″ – 30″ necklace. Since this is a combination of bead and poly discs, you approx need an equal number of beads and poly clay discs.

Preparing the discs. Make tiny balls of clay(approx 40) and press gently between your thumb and index finger and you will have flattened clay(looks like disc). Then, using a tooth pick or a needle make an indent  the center.


I use Sculpey, so baked it @ 275 F (130 C) for 20 mins.

Lastly, using fishing line, bead the baked discs and the beads and a pretty necklace is ready 🙂


Isn’t it super easy and fun to make??

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

TGIF n Happy weekend!!