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New Year’s Eve Bash


Happy New Year Readers!

We welcomed 2017 in a splendid way by hosting a New Year’s Eve party and it was so much fun and memorable..:-)

I wanted to try something different that’s going to stand out and..Yayyyy! it worked.

Yes, it is the fun photo session with some New Year props and party backdrop. I can’t wait to share how easy it is to set up something like this on budget 🙂

Photo Backdrop & Props -$10

Supplies you need are :

Plastic Table cover – Dollar Tree

Black and Gold Ballons – Dollar tree

Masking Tape – already on hand

2017 Photo Props –

New years Hat and Tiara – Walmart

Gold bead garlands – Dollar Tree

All you do is tape down the table cover on to the wall and add some helium balloons. Keep the photo props ready and let the guests take over…;-)


We also played some games and here is a fun game to pass time until midnight 🙂

New Year’s Eve Game – Inspired from Pinterest 

You have to create some cards and let the players pick one each and share their story 🙂

Fill the cards with something like BEST GIFT OF THE YEAR, MOST MEMORABLE VACATION OF THE YEAR etc and it is fun to think about all good things happened in 2016 ❤

img_7211To make it little interesting I placed them in a paper fortune cookie 🙂  Make circles from cardstock and fold them and glue the tips. If needed use some clips until the glue is dry.

And when it is time to ring in the New Year a sweet treat is a must 😉

Here is my countdown cake that is really quick and easy to make. It has 2 layers of chocolate cake with a vanilla caramel ice cream sandwiched and frosted with some icing.


The clock topping is edible sugar sheets and letters. To match black and gold theme, I used a metallic sugar sheet cut into circle and glued the edible sugar letters on to the sheet with  sugar water 🙂img_7212

We enjoyed the ice cream cake and ended the night with some fireworks 🙂


Hope you all had fun welcoming the new year and wish you all again a happy and peaceful 2017.



Dollar store cake stand


Happy 2016!

I can’t wait to publish my first post of the year and share a fun project with you all 🙂

So, for my mini celebration cake I wanted a suitable size cake stand and decided to DIY. Pinterest has lot of ideas and the most favorite is the dollar tree cake stand. It is super easy and costs $2.


I love how you can use any size plate you desire and make a perfect stand.

To make this cutie – all you need is a glass candle stick, glass plate and glue.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.19.00 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.19.42 PM

To glue the pieces E-6000 is the perfect one!

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 5.59.43 PM

It really bonds well and does a better work than many other strong glues 🙂

Just apply a ring of glue on top of the candle stick, center it and place the plate on top and press it firmly.

Let it dry overnight and you  have an awesome little cake stand ready to use 🙂

IMG_3289 IMG_3291

I love how it turned and since they are inexpensive you can have them in multiple sizes 🙂


Note : The mini Wilton cake tins are from here and followed this easy and quick recipe.

Dollar Tree Pennant Banner


Sorry friends, its been a while I posted anything on my blog. Life has been little crazy( allergies, sickness etc) and finally feels good to get back to routine..:-)

So, for our  Anniversary celebration (this weekend) I wanted to create a simple pennant banner and was looking for ideas. I was almost ready to get the material (scrapbook paper, twine and felt letters) from Hobby which would have costed me close to $8.

But then, I happened to stop by @ Dollar Store to get some stuff to make DIY cake stand (post coming soon). That’s when I saw this cute pennant banner and grabbed one right away…;-)

I couldn’t wait to make this “CELEBRATE” party banner and I love it. It is perfect for almost any occasion and I didn’t spend more than a $1 🙂


Trust me, it costs a lot more if you DIY from scratch….

To make this you need :

Plain Pennant Banner – Dollar Tree – $1

Stencil – Already on hand

Sharpie marker – Already on hand 


All you have to do it trace the letter on to each pennant and fill it with some color. I used copper sharpie marker. It is that simple 🙂

And in less than 15 minutes you have it ready!


Isn’t that cool and you  have a perfect looking Party Banner ready to hang!


Keep an open mind on your next visit to your local dollar store…;-)