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Pretty Paper lanterns


Paper lantern balls are all over and are used for almost any occasion in different shapes and colors. They are fun and easy way to decorate any space. In India, the lanterns are associated with the festival of lights – Diwali. But they can be used for any event/occasion to bring in the celebration mood 🙂

img_8212-1They can be just hanged by themselves or create a focal spot by grouping them together. Or even can be used to place it on a surface like a table top. Well, I made these large festive lanterns for Sankranthi Bommala Koluvu ( Doll festival in January) to cover LED candles on the wood candle holders.

Materials you need :

Choice of paper or poster board – 2 ( pref contrast colors)

Cutting mat

Craft Knife

Glue gun/school glue

Ruler and pencil

Rhinestone lace (from dollar tree)

Step 1: Take 2 sheets of paper. I used the poster board (22×28 inches)from dollar tree . You can make 2 large lanterns 11×14 inch each.

Step 2: Keep 1 sheet 11×14 inches and cut the other (contrast piece that goes inside as a tube) to 11X11. The tube length should be couple of inches shorter than the outer design sheet.

Step 3: Out of contrasting colored sheet mark 1 inch from the bottom of the sheet and draw a line. And on the line mark 1/2 inch dots all through on both the sides.

Step 4: Using a craft knife cut it lengthwise 1/2 inch apart from one end of the marked point to the other end. Carefully separate the strips and Glue the ends to the inside contrast sheet. Fold the sheet to form a cylinder and carefully pull and bend the strips to form different shapes like below.


Step 5: Glue the rhinestone trims to the both ends of the lantern.


Step 6: Punch holes at each end of the lantern and add a satin ribbon to hang it on.

These lanterns are just not hanging like traditional way – they also worked well to cover the LED candles

Aren’t they beautiful and  versatile.


New Year’s Eve Bash


Happy New Year Readers!

We welcomed 2017 in a splendid way by hosting a New Year’s Eve party and it was so much fun and memorable..:-)

I wanted to try something different that’s going to stand out and..Yayyyy! it worked.

Yes, it is the fun photo session with some New Year props and party backdrop. I can’t wait to share how easy it is to set up something like this on budget 🙂

Photo Backdrop & Props -$10

Supplies you need are :

Plastic Table cover – Dollar Tree

Black and Gold Ballons – Dollar tree

Masking Tape – already on hand

2017 Photo Props –

New years Hat and Tiara – Walmart

Gold bead garlands – Dollar Tree

All you do is tape down the table cover on to the wall and add some helium balloons. Keep the photo props ready and let the guests take over…;-)


We also played some games and here is a fun game to pass time until midnight 🙂

New Year’s Eve Game – Inspired from Pinterest 

You have to create some cards and let the players pick one each and share their story 🙂

Fill the cards with something like BEST GIFT OF THE YEAR, MOST MEMORABLE VACATION OF THE YEAR etc and it is fun to think about all good things happened in 2016 ❤

img_7211To make it little interesting I placed them in a paper fortune cookie 🙂  Make circles from cardstock and fold them and glue the tips. If needed use some clips until the glue is dry.

And when it is time to ring in the New Year a sweet treat is a must 😉

Here is my countdown cake that is really quick and easy to make. It has 2 layers of chocolate cake with a vanilla caramel ice cream sandwiched and frosted with some icing.


The clock topping is edible sugar sheets and letters. To match black and gold theme, I used a metallic sugar sheet cut into circle and glued the edible sugar letters on to the sheet with  sugar water 🙂img_7212

We enjoyed the ice cream cake and ended the night with some fireworks 🙂


Hope you all had fun welcoming the new year and wish you all again a happy and peaceful 2017.


Paper fan backdrop for Ganesha..


Friends here is another super easy decoration project to Do-it-yourself for Ganesh pooja.


Isn’t that easy?  And also, the best time to involve your kids in festival preparations.

All you need is –

Card stock or Paper( I like the 12×12  scrapbook paper from HobbyLobby)

Hot glue gun


Step 1 : Fold the  paper into 3 folds (length-wise) and cut it to 3 equals pieces.

Step 2: Next, you need to make folds. Take each piece and fold in accordion style or fan fold.


Step 3: Once they are ready glue all the pieces together.


Step 4: Glue the ends too and gently push outer edge of your fan downwards. You need to push it and hold it until you glue the center. Or you can also use a piece of paper to glue the center of the fan. Use any rhinestones/embellishments of your choice to add some bling.

Optional : Glue a soda can tab as to easily hang it on to the wall.


And Tadahh… have it ready to use 🙂



Janmasthami 2016


Janmasthami/Krishnathami is a very popular Indian festival celebrated by Hindus with lot of devotion and enthusiasm. It is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna – an incarnation whom many Hindus believe to be the god Vishnu in human form.

Krishna is regarded as great philosopher, teacher, role model and friend. His teachings are found in one of the holy books of Hinduism – Bhagavad Gita(song of the Lord). 

One important ritual of this festival is small footprints are made resembling toddler Krishna’s footprints heading into your house. I wanted to make something I can use every year so made these foam and bead footprints.

IMG_3480 (1)

Also, Lord Krishna is decorated with beautiful flowers and his name is chanted with huge devotion and love. In popular Krishna temples in India – 108 varieties of delicious food is cooked to offer the Lord. I was very happy to offer 9 delicious varieties of food to our little Krishna.


Also another DIY project I made for this year theme/decoration is cardboard tree and used a turf sample(already on hand) to create garden base.

Step 1 : Once you choose the krishna idol for display, take a piece of cardboard that is couple of inches longer in height than the idol.


Step 2 : Make a free hand design of tree base with branches and leaf bunches.

img_5595 img_5597

Step 3 : Paint the pieces and let it dry. Once dry, hot glue the green leaf bunches to the branches. If you think the tree is big for the idol you can also cut the base to match the height.

img_5599 img_5602

Step 4 : To make the tree stand well make a cross cut at the base and glue a piece of cardboard. It should look like X. Or you can also glue it to a lid/round base too.

img_5601 img_5600

Add some mini beads/rhinestones for the tree to add some bling.

Lastly, arrange pieces together – turf(artificial grass base), fence and the tree with idol and ofcourse Krishna is incomplete with calf/cow 🙂

IMG_3481 (1)

This can be a great Golu/Kolu/Bommala Koluvu DIY project and best described as Krishna, the shepard boy with addition of few doll cows 🙂


Valentine’s Day Craft & Free Printables


Hey it is February and Valentine day is just around the corner. Isn’t it fun to DIY a gift rather buying from store!

Today, I am going to share a DIY project for your kid using these free Valentine’s Day printable. They also come handy if you have to send some to their school 😀


These free printables are shared by Angela Gomez, and I can’t thank her enough for sharing it right on time 🙂

12650557_549625601871416_199283079_n-2 12674088_549625618538081_1774001815_n 12647633_549625598538083_656767471_n-2

Aren’t they cute! Ah.. let me tell you, labels are easy way to celebrate and kids will throughly enjoy receiving such a lovely treat!

Putting them together is super easy and quick. Print the labels ( click on free printables). I printed mine on regular card stock (used inkjet printer). You can also print on regular paper.

And, picked some little gifts from dollar tree.


One of the ways is to pack the treats in a ziplock bag and add the label as a topper. Print the label and cut double the label size and fold it half length-wise like shown below. Staple it on the top of the ziplock.


The other way is take the print of the label and cut aprox 2-3 inches and stick in the markers.


That’s it you have it ready and these free printables tie in perfectly with any kind of gifts!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial !

DIY Crepe Paper Garland / Toran


Hand made home decor are very special and beautiful. Specially, for Indian festivals like Diwali we need a lot of decorations and variety too.;-)

And I am sure you will all agree that it is never early to have Diwali decor. So, here is a budget friendly project made with paper streamers to festoon your home.


This garland/toran can be made for less than $3.

Toran is a decorative door hanging in Hinduism, usually decorated with marigolds and mango leaves, or a string that is tied on the door with the flower on it as a part of traditional Hindu culture on the occasion of festivals and weddings.

If you want to make one too – follow this easy youtube tutorial 🙂

For this project the money spent is less, skill levels are super easy, however, you need to have a lot of patience and time to finish it.

All I did was – picked red and yellow paper streamers ( comes in pack of 2) from dollar store and with 1 red and yellow roll you can make a 7 ft garland (approx 85 inches ). To make it look Indian and traditional, I added 2 gold bells found @ Hobby Lobby.


This garland is just not for Diwali, i think it’s perfect for any Indian festival, party or holiday gathering 🙂


To check on other Diwali decorations, ideas and tutorials visit Diwali/Paper/Crafts tab on top


Faux Marigold Decorations!


I am super excited to share a beautiful alternative to fresh flowers.


I loveee them! These faux marigolds look gorgeous and almost real..;-) They are made of colored tissue papers.

Paper flower decorations are the most cheapest and easiest for any occasion. They look like real ones and will surely come handy for multiple events.

Some of my other faux flower projects are here, here and here.

Well, to make these pretty Marigolds you need:


Tissue paper – dollar store ($1) or Walmart (97c)

Paper plates – Green (optional) for Leaves


Stapler (Big)

Circular lid  (trace circles)

Step 1: Take 3-4 tissues or depending on how dense you want the flower to be and trace circles.

IMG_1909 IMG_1910

Step 2: Cut the circles, make sure to hold all the layers of the tissue. You can use paper clips to hold them together.


Step 3:  Keep the circles together and staple in the center.


Step 4:  Start making petals – separate the top most circle of the bunch and crumple it upward from the center.


Step 5 : Repeat with each circle and keep gathering the crumpled circles upward.


Step 6: Once you are done gathering them, open the layers gently to give a more fuller and realistic look.

IMG_1917 IMG_1919

And that’s it, you have beautiful flowers ready to decorate the way you wish .


The options are endless 🙂

You can make centerpieces, garlands, door decorations for Indian festivals, stick them on wall with painters tape or even lay them on floor with some candles.

IMG_0906 IMG_0912

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial ❤


DIY Grihapravesha/Housewarming Invitation


Life is good, relaxed, enjoying the routine, then came a big change in our lives. We bought a house, place to call home 🙂

So, before we move in we have a traditional ceremony called “Griha Pravesham – Griha(house) Pravesham (Entering)”. It is a ritual that is performed to mark the first and formal entry of the proud owners into the house. The D-day is fixed by priests advice. It is a half day ceremony with some standard rituals, followed by family and friends visiting home. As part of tradition, food is served to all the guests with due respect.

I wish I could have had all our friends on this important occasion,  but it was a typical cultural ceremony and a traditional food is served, we had to cut short the list to Indian friends.

So, for this event, I wanted to DIY invitation cards to post to our family in India and to friends here and started searching on PINTEREST and there are a lot of pins.

The cutest pin that caught my eyes was a pocket sized invitation with a free printable template on OHAPPYDAY.

FullSizeRender-5 But, we all know that most of the invitations are automatically associated with a nice fragrance. To create that feel, I used Bodyshop Jasmine Fragnance Mist.

Here are steps to create fragrance on DIY cards

You need:

Kitchen Tissue or any other tissue paper (I used Kleenex Hand Towel)


Fragnance Mist


Cut the hand towel into small squares, spray some mist on all the pieces and let sit for couple of seconds.


Drop the fragrance soaked square in each envelope.


Ta-dah!!! You have a wonderful invitation ready 🙂

And here are some of housewarming pictures that note the important rituals! IMG_8060

Thanks for stopping by 😀

Happy Monday!


Until you distribute, keep all the invitations in a ziplock bag to seal the fragrance.

Kids Craft – Diwali S6


Kids are on fall break and you must be wondering how to keep them occupied, while you are busy with Diwali preparations? Then look no further 🙂

Here is an easy peasy way to make collage Diyas from card stock or scrapbook paper 🙂 Kids will absolutely enjoy making these colorful diya’s and can be used in multiple ways.

So, lets get started :

Step 1: Take a card stock/scrapbook/glitter paper and cut into circles. For each diya you need 3 circles(1 can be a little larger).

IMG_6540Step 2: Fold in half twice, with the wrong sides together. That makes 4 equal parts. Mark petal shape  at one corner of the folding and cut as marked. Open the circles and lay flat.


Step 3: Glue 3 pieces together to form the base of diya like shown below.

IMG_6542Step 4: For the flame part, you can either cut shapes or use the petal cut outs and glue the pieces.

IMG_6543Step 5: Use painters tape to avoid glue marks and they stick very well on almost all surfaces.


And you have beautiful and colorful collage Diya pieces to decorate your kids room, entry door or accent wall, and don’t forget to make Diwali cards 😉

IMG_6544Have fun!!



Dramatic Dahlia – Diwali S4

Dramatic Dahlia – Diwali S4

Gaint paper Dahlias are my new love and I can’t stop staring at them.

Dahlias are my favorite flower. Making with paper is fun because, there is no green thumb required 😉 and you can make any color, any size. They are so amazing that I couldn’t wait to add to my Diwali Decor list.

Most of the projects on internet are wreaths or wall decor. I’ve been itching to do something beyond.

And Tadaahhh!! This is a great to project to create a bright and colorful  center piece.

Image 3

Aren’t they wonderful!! I am sure you are staring at them too 😉

I’m jus posting a few step-by-step photos and details because you can find a great video tutorial by HGTV crafters here.

I picked card stock  from Hobby lobby @ 50% sale.

Image 2And for the base of flowers repurposed a sturdy milk carton box that has a nice open space for holding, which I think is perfect because you can use that gap to hang, especially if you ever want to use it as Wreath.

IMG_0629So, I started making 4 circles (4 tier) in different diameters. It was random as I wasn’t sure on the results. Made the 1st flower, then next size little small, making sure it shows up some of the colors beneath and continued to do the rest.

For the purpose of tutorial, I measured them and here are the details of the total diameter of the flower, diameter of the base cardboard circle and the measurements of the cut paper for petals.

1st and the base flower I used Fall colors and added a Diya.  You can also use this as “Diwali Wreath”


Diameter  of the flower – 20 inches

Diameter of the base  cardboard circle – 11 inches

 Petals- 5 each of 4 colors of card stock, cut into 4X4 pieces.

So for each color  you will have 20 pieces that are sufficient to cover the diameter mentioned above. Now turn them into cones/petals. And the inner most layer 3×3 inches from left over orange shade card stock.

Once the 5 rows of petals are glued, covered the inside part of circle with a contrasting piece of card stock and with the left over pieces a DIYA cut out 🙂 ______________________________________________________________________________________________

2nd Dahlia – I was really excited, but by the time the first one is done, I was very confused on the colors 😉 I tried on green shades and it worked perfect 🙂


Diameter  of the flower – 15.5  inches

Diameter of the base  cardboard circle – 6.5 inches

Petals – The base you need 5 sheets each of 2 lighter shades of green (4X4 inches) and for the dark green 3 sheets of 3×3 inches pieces.

So, total you will use approx 18-20 cones for the bottom 2 rows and the top most row 12 cones.


3rd Dahlia – I kept this flower simple because the more you fill, it gets difficult to add the 4th flower. Or you can make a complete Dahlia at this stage and skip the 4th flower. 


Diameter  of the flower – 13  inches

Diameter of the base  cardboard circle – 4.5 inches

Petals – I picked 4 sheets of 2 colors, cut  4×4 inch pieces of dark pink and light pink 3×3 inch pieces. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

4th n Final oneThe smallest flower filled in 3 layers of petals and glued on a candle holder to place a LED candle.


 Diameter  of the flower – 7  inches

Diameter of the base  cardboard circle – 2.8-3 inches

Petals – Red color 2 sheets and make 2×2 inch pieces and make cones.

Yayyy!! Flowers are ready 🙂


To assemble, I tried to repurpose old salt boxes and couple of candle stick holders from Dollar tree.

Supplies needed are:


To assemble :

Place the big cardboard cylinder shaped block as base of the center piece like show below :


Next glue the candle stick holders to each of the flowers and add to the 1st tier.


Now add the small cylinder shaped ring and place the final Dahlia and the LED Candle. Since it is paper, using a real candle can be fire hazardous.


And here is another view of the Tiered Paper Dahlia Center Piece

Image 5

The other ways of decorating these Gaint Paper Dahlias are

1. Cute Dahlia Tealight Holders in solid or multiple colors. Place a real or LED candle.


2. Table center piece (Console table/coffee table/dining table) or for any special occasions.

Image 1

4. Another way is to hang the pieces individually on a narrow wall and they look gorgeous.

Image 4

5. The last and most common way is Wreath. Wreath is not our tradition but the Diya cut out is convincing 🙂


Isn’t it cool to make a project that can be used in multiple ways 😉

Hope you enjoyed it and please don’t forget to leave your thoughts.