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Preciosa Chilli Beads necklace!


When you are into multiple crafts revisiting a neglected area is always refreshing 🙂 One such thing for me is jewelry making !!

I have been waiting for a right project and coudln’t wait to take up when I saw these beautiful Preciosa Chilli Beads. I absolutely love the range of colors.

After some search I found an easy tutorial on youtube. With little changes this beautiful necklace is ready 🙂


Isn’t that pretty! It has an antique finish and most important it goes well on Indian pattu/silk sarees.

Here is the tutorial –

For necklace you need 100 preciosa chill beads – 2 packs ( 50 beads per pack )

Color I used – California Gold Rush


It is my new favorite and can’t wait to make more of this kind 🙂

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Stamped Earrings!


Inspired from one of the tutorials posted @ polymer clay group on Facebook, I have been busy stamping up some clay earrings. This time not stamps but metal filigree buttons.  They have a great texture and comes in beautiful designs and multiple shapes, and here is how they look 😀


So, want to make your own?

Gather the material and get started –

Polymer clay – colors of your choice

Rolling pin

Metal buttons – Mine from here 

Rice/Corn Flour

Acrylic paint and Brush

Wet tissue/wet piece of cotton


Basic Jewelry supplies

Charms that match the jewelry – mine are Charms

Step 1: Take equal amounts of polymer clay in colors of your choice and knead it well called “conditioning”. There are lots of different oven baked clays out there. My favorite is Sculpey though, any other brand works fine.

IMG_0811Step 2 : Roll them and fold multiple times until you get the desired gradient shade.

IMG_0814Step 3: Add some flour to avoid sticking. Take the metal filigree buttons and press it into the clay until you get the desired texture. I didn’t want to have the whole texture so pressed it halfway.

IMG_0816Step 4: Cut the clay into the shape you want and remove the excess. To make the pieces thick i add another layer behind the cut pieces. Use a toothpick to poke a hole in the center top and bottom jus enough to add a jump ring.

IMG_0818IMG_0821Step 5: Bake the pieces as per the package instructions ( mine for 275 F for 20 minutes) and let it cool completely.

Unfortunately, my pieces were burnt but never mind, I still like the color 😉

Now we paint and leave it for couple of seconds.

IMG_0822Step 6: Dip a paper towel or cotton in water and gently clean up the surface. Make sure you don’t wipe into the design.

IMG_0823Step 7: To give it a finished look paint a thin coat of Sculpey gloss and let it dry.  Two coats is usually enough. Then, turn them into earrings by adding the ear wires and the acrylic petal charm to the bottom of earrings.


And Tadahhh….


Don’t you love the texture and the paint in it which creates a completely new look. It is my new favorite and can’t wait to make more 🙂

Happy Monday!

DIY Wire and bead earrings


I wanted to buy a pair of copper earrings for long but they are very expensive.  After my visit to Jerome ( the copper mining town) looking at the prices, I decided to leave poly clay jewelry for a while and get back to beads and wire 😉

I started looking online for some inspiration and found very cute bird nest and eggs earrings, pendants and rings 🙂 I loved them and wanted to make a pair. You can make out the process from the pictures. However, to get the perfect and cute look I looked up on youtube for tutorials and there are a ton 🙂

I couldn’t wait anymore and in jus 20 minutes I could do a pair(had the material on hand). Even otherwise, you don’t need a lot to get started.

And here are my copper earring n pendant set 🙂


Here are the links to make these cute sets 🙂 – for a natural twig sort of look

Last year when I just started bead jewelry, found this multicolored wire @ Biglots for $3. I bought it but never used 😉 Finally, time has come 😉


Or you can use a 26 gauge Artistic wire like shown below:

IMG_6223 IMG_6224 IMG_6225 IMG_6226 IMG_6227 IMG_6230

And I have these 3 beautiful sets. Can’t wait to make more with rest of the colored wire spools 😉


Have a great day!!