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Easily remove bottle labels and repurpose


I love to reuse/repurpose  glass jars/bottles. It may be just because of the size or shape or for some craft and sometimes even as storage for pantry. But the labels on them can be quite annoying 😦

So, Pinterest has countless ideas and tips on how to remove them -but for me the most important was mess free. I tried couple of them but the one I am going to share is absolutely “ZERO” effort.

Isn’t that awesome – the glass bottle is absolutely clean and looks new 🙂

This magic lotion is absolutely mess free and the stickers slide off without leaving any residue on the bottle.

To make the lotion you need –

1 tsp – liquid Dish soap

1/4 cup – Baking soda

1/4 cup – Vinegar

Enough water depending on the size of the bottle/jar

And all you have to do is – 

Fill your sink or a container big enough to submerge the bottle with hot hot water. Add liquid dish soap and give it a gently mix. Then add baking soda and vinegar.Once you add vinegar it will get fizzy for couple of seconds and that’s when the magic begins.

Leave the bottles for couple of hours or until you see the labels off the bottle like here 🙂


And Tadahhh….they are ready to use 🙂

You can use them to store homemade lemonade or get inspired from pinterest and upcycle them for some fun home decor.

Here is a shampoo bottle that was up cycled couple of years ago to a cute vase using some spray paint 🙂




New Year’s Eve Bash


Happy New Year Readers!

We welcomed 2017 in a splendid way by hosting a New Year’s Eve party and it was so much fun and memorable..:-)

I wanted to try something different that’s going to stand out and..Yayyyy! it worked.

Yes, it is the fun photo session with some New Year props and party backdrop. I can’t wait to share how easy it is to set up something like this on budget 🙂

Photo Backdrop & Props -$10

Supplies you need are :

Plastic Table cover – Dollar Tree

Black and Gold Ballons – Dollar tree

Masking Tape – already on hand

2017 Photo Props –

New years Hat and Tiara – Walmart

Gold bead garlands – Dollar Tree

All you do is tape down the table cover on to the wall and add some helium balloons. Keep the photo props ready and let the guests take over…;-)


We also played some games and here is a fun game to pass time until midnight 🙂

New Year’s Eve Game – Inspired from Pinterest 

You have to create some cards and let the players pick one each and share their story 🙂

Fill the cards with something like BEST GIFT OF THE YEAR, MOST MEMORABLE VACATION OF THE YEAR etc and it is fun to think about all good things happened in 2016 ❤

img_7211To make it little interesting I placed them in a paper fortune cookie 🙂  Make circles from cardstock and fold them and glue the tips. If needed use some clips until the glue is dry.

And when it is time to ring in the New Year a sweet treat is a must 😉

Here is my countdown cake that is really quick and easy to make. It has 2 layers of chocolate cake with a vanilla caramel ice cream sandwiched and frosted with some icing.


The clock topping is edible sugar sheets and letters. To match black and gold theme, I used a metallic sugar sheet cut into circle and glued the edible sugar letters on to the sheet with  sugar water 🙂img_7212

We enjoyed the ice cream cake and ended the night with some fireworks 🙂


Hope you all had fun welcoming the new year and wish you all again a happy and peaceful 2017.


Tip Thursday – Sparkling Silver


All of us have silver things at home and most of us do not use them everyday.  Indian households have silver stuff that are very specific to certain festivals. After the occasion, you will never get a chance to use until next year. Even after wrapping them carefully they tend to tarnish and darken over time.

And it is usually not easy to remove the tarnish and get the original shine.

So, in my TIP Thursday series I have an easy and very inexpensive way to bring back the sparkle.

IMG_3900 IMG_3902

Lets see what you need :

A big bowl ( spacious enough to immerse the silver thing)

Baking Powder

Aluminium foil sheet

Warm Water

Step 1: Fill the container with warm water and add a full spoon of baking soda. Mix until it dissolves and immerse a sheet of aluminum foil.

IMG_3887 IMG_3890

Step 2: Now immerse the tarnished silver object. Since foil is light weight it floats but don’t worry let it sit in the baking powder water mix.

IMG_3892 IMG_3893

Step 3: You will see the color of water changing to grey. It means it is working and silver object is ready to shine. It took close to 25 mins for a heavy tarnished object.


Take it out and gently buff it with a cloth and wash throughly under running water.

That’s it you have it ready sparkling and looks almost new.

Isn’t that cheap and super effective way to remove the tarnish.


Last day of the challenge!


Hi Friends,

Today is the 3rd and last day of the 3-day quote challenge and my favorite quote for the day is:


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 7.34.12 PM

And today I nominate – – an awesome place for home decor ideas using popular Indian crafts – if you are itching to craft, this place can be a great inspiration – Yummilicous Recipes

Rules for the challenge:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  • Share one new quote on three consecutive days on your blog. They can be from anywhere, anyone or anything.
  • On each of the three days, nominate three more bloggers to carry on with the fun! No pressure; nominees are free to decline.


Thank you!


This is the last blog post for this year and I am so pleased to say it has been busy and a productive year.

I am very grateful to have you all as readers and followers of my blog page (124 countries and most visitors from USA, UK and India) and cannot thank enough for all the nice words and love you have shown!

Here is how 2015 in blogging looks 🙂

Most popular post of the year – Faux Marigold Decorations 

Most attractive post of the year – DIY Diwali Diya

Most viewed post of the year – Dramatic Dahlia

Most useful post of the year – Bommala Koluvu/Golu/Kolu

Most viewed post of the year – Canvas wall art

Most referring sites – Facebook and Pinterest

I am very happy to end 2015 peacefully and contended about how we are and what we are doing:-) can’t wait for a fresh start!

Hoping the same with you all 🙂

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, joyful and prosperous new year – 2016!


Tip of the week – Giftology from Hallmark


If you have trouble making those cute bows or wrapping a gift in a fancy way or even fill a gift bag with tissues –  here are few videos from Hallmark.

Wrap a stuffed toy like a Gaint Candy

Make a perfect looking Bow

Fill a gift bag with tissues like a pro..;-)


Home Exterior Paint Reveal…


I am very excited to share pictures of our newly painted exterior and share some tips we learned along the way.


Choosing paints can be hard, jus not hard, stressful too….We knew that earth tones are something we like. And for the main door and  backyard door something that is bright. So, we narrowed our search to Classics and Then,Now, Forever section of Dunn Edwards color Catalogue.

IMG_1082Here is before and after picture:-)



I was very keen on trying something new for our patio …Here is before pic

IMG_1212 IMG_1213

After the accent wall and a new door color 🙂

IMG_1242 IMG_1245

And the front elevation with new door color

IMG_1219 IMG_1222


IMG_1254 IMG_1253

We didn’t choose absolutely different colors, little details made all the difference. One trick that worked perfect is the bold front door, accent wall, dark body color and light pop outs. It surely looks new and bright 🙂

Tip 1: Search online or drive around neighborhood to understand the trend. There are so many houses out there and there is no need to stress out about colors. After some online search and walking around neighborhood we found the house to imitate.

Tip 2: Be kind to neighboring properties. Chose colors that won’t match or clash with the immediate neighbors.

Tip 3: Picking a trim color is just as important as picking the base color of the house. You need to decide what you want your trim to do…blend or highlight/pop.

Tip 4: When comes to picking the color for main door, choose something that best compliments the exterior paint, roof tile and interior paint or at least the entryway foyer. A natural flow of colors is important. And most important the color should be warm and welcome your guests.

Tip 5:If you choose too bold color like our first one (Bonfire Flame) don’t panic, rush to the store and get a new paint..;-)


Tip 6: Keep the number of colors less (2-3 colors) and follow your gut. Exterior painting is a big and long-term job so be sure of the colors you choose and never go for something that isn’t 100% right.

Tip 7: Choose a good quality paint. Again, it is a big decision and you don’t want to see it fade prematurely.

The colors we used are Dunn Edwards

Mesa Tan – DEC718 (Body, Garage Door, Facia)

Verona Beach – De6135 (Trims, Patio and porch roof, Patio Accent wall)

Mesa Red  –   DET430 (Front and Patio Doors)

I am very happy that our decisions turned right and looks amazing. I hope these tips help you choose a right paint and improve the curb appeal of your home.


100th Blog Post!


Reaching a milestone in anything is super exciting and you are reading


Yayyy!!! I actually kept up with this blog and have made it this far! And throughly enjoyed blogging over the past 15 months and learnt more than I ever thought!

Every little achievement in life has to be celebrated, hehe…so I made a delicious smoothie (Strawberry, Bannan, Stevia leaves n Coconut Milk) for breakfast 😉 and going to enjoy rest of the day!


A Big Thank you to all who have been following my blog and Facebook page, like my posts and take time to post a comment and appreciate my work 😀

Happy Thursday!

Bring in Spring!!


My favorite post is here and such a cool coincidence that the first day of spring and International Day of Happiness happened to fall on the same day this year.

If you remember my last year post, I so much enjoyed writing how Spring makes me happy and cheerful. This time of the year we feel spring, finally 😉 (with right temps), and mother nature wonders have changed everything – new life, bright, beautiful and colorful!

IMG_0798Welcome this beautiful season with some spring flower Porch Planters, Humming bird Feeders, Wind Chimes and feed for birds 🙂

IMG_0795Awesome Blossom of flowering pear trees is something I am enjoying most 🙂

IMG_0791And the most happiest moment is Tulasi (Holy Basil) Blossom which took one whole year!


And lastly give some color to your backyard/patio and decorate your garden, so that you can spend more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and birds chirp!


While you enjoy Spring, don’t forget to prepare for fierce summer 😉

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

It’s my Blog’s Birthday!

It’s my Blog’s Birthday!

WOW!! I cannot believe to survive blogging for one year and I am super excited to celebrate my 1st Blog Anniversary! Officially, it is Jan, but my first post was in March 🙂

I remember around January of last year, I started something kind of random. It is my blog “CREATIVE ME”. I did that couple of times before too, but this time I didn’t want to end up creating an account, publish 1-2 posts and forget. I started it thinking somehow it fits my interest towards crafting, decorating, DIY etc. and had a target to publish 100 posts and I think 88 is not bad 😉

I still remember reviewing my 1st blog post more than 20 times before I hit “Publish” button. It wasn’t easy and blogging has been a lot of work – planning, sorting, editing and so on.

I cannot thank enough my husband and friends for all the support and a Big Thank you to everyone who has ever visited my blog, posted comments, tried my DIY projects, recipes and forwarded to friends and family.

Some of the hits are –

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Don’t forget to let me know your favorite !

Year 1 is Done

Cheers to Many More…..

Thanks you again for all the support 🙂