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Clay Urli pot for Diwali


Diwali is incomplete without diyas,rangoli (traditional Indian chalk art), bright and  beautiful decorations, yummy food, family gatherings and fireworks. When I think of decorations – the first on the list is illuminating every corner of the home with diyas/candles and the second is urli pot filled with rose petals/fresh flowers and candles ūüôā

Living away from home, I miss having this decorative piece for Diwali and this year I decided to use a terra-cotta cactus/round dish as a substitute. It will not replace the traditional brass uril but for sure warm and welcoming.

Here is before and after picture ūüôā

This clay cactus dish is available @ home depot and has perfect depth and width to use it as urli pot. Since it is a garden pot it has drainage hole and all you have to do is to fill it with some waterproof silicone sealant/caulk.

Place the pot upside down and use some duck tape to close the hole.

Turn it right side up and squeeze out some Silicone sealant to fill the hole.

Use a toothpick to spread it making sure the hole is filled without any gaps/vaccum.

Instructions on the silicone caulk says 30 minutes to dry, since the hole is large and we squeezed quite some I would suggest to leave it to dry overnight.

Once dry you have the pot ready ūüôā You can decorate the pot in multiple ways – go with a solid spray paint or give some details with acrylic paints and embellishments.


Isn’t that perfect and beautiful for Diwali….

You could use it in multiple ways – indoor or outdoor, on floor or on a platter stand.  All you need is to fill some water and arrange fresh flowers. Don’t forget to use some floating candles for Diwali ūüôā


And here is a picture from Diwali 2k16 with the urli pots filled with flowers and floating candles ūüėć

Happy decorating!!


Air-dry Clay Diyas


It is¬†just¬†2 weeks for Diwali and you must have begun the preparations. Every year I add something new either¬†decorations or diyas¬†and¬†this year I¬†was thinking to use the existing ones¬†in new way but wasn’t convinced.

Well, Diwali is an important festival and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to experiment something unique and different¬†and if it is a hit to share it with you all.

We all love to have a new set¬†of¬†diyas every year and in my earlier posts I have shared couple of alternatives. However,¬†today I am going to share an easy way to make traditional looking clay diyas at home. It doesn’t involve a potter’s wheel or kiln.


All you need is –

Air Dry clay ( I used Crayola from local craft store)

Rolling pin,  knife/butterknife and water

Glass bowl ( Dollar tree has these small glass bowls 4 for $1)

Step 1 : Start by dividing clay into equal sized balls ( depending on number of diyas you want to make). It helps in having equal size diyas.


Step 2: Roll out clay on smooth surface to thickness of 1/4 inch.


Step 3: Use the same bowl and lay it top side down on to clay. Cut around the edges with a knife. You may skip this step if you can roll a circle(like shown above).

Step 4: Place the glass bowl top side down and lift off the clay circle and place it on the bowl. Push the clay towards the bowl and on one edge pinch the clay like shown below.

img_6359 img_6366

Step 5: If the edges¬†don’t look clean, use your finger and little water to smooth it out .


Step 6: Let the clay dry overnight ( preferably 12-14 hours). Once dry pop out from the glass bowl.


Step 7 : Use acrylic paints of your choice and the diyas are ready ūüôā


You can use either white clay and paint or terra-cotta clay for traditional look.


Door/wall hangings with homemade clay…


My favorite of all wall hangings is traditional Rajasthani ones. Specially, the string decorations are absolutely¬†beautiful¬†and comes in various designs and sizes. They add so much warmth, color and most important festive feel ūüôā

Well, it is easy buy stuff from India, but I was itching for a project and¬†decided to “DIY” and here is the result – a cute and traditional flower string door/wall hanging ūüôā


Aren’t they cute and colorful. They are about 24 inches (2ft) in length and add color and style to any room.

Well, before initiating this project,  I was looking at clay options to make the flowers. The ideal pick was polymer clay as it is light and break resistant. This time I wanted to go for an inexpensive option.

After some search, I found this recipe to make clay at home. That was super exciting.  It is easy-to- make, easy- to-work, inexpensive and can be used in variety of projects.

Here are is a video tutorial from youtube.

I couldn’t wait to get started and bought glue from dollar tree and corn starch from local grocery store for less than $3.

Homemade clay is ready and the other supplies you need are –

wooden beads (hobby lobby)

Cookie or fondant cutter

decorative mirrors (hobby lobby)

Bells (optional)

Lace or string of your choice 

Super Glue 

Step 1 : Condition the clay and roll it out until it is 1/8th inch thick approx. Here i used a fondant cutter for flowers. Choose a cutter of your choice and make 10-12 flowers.


Step 2 : Let the flowers dry overnight. Once dry they are very light, unbreakable and almost look like resin. Color the flowers with acrylic paint and glue a decorative mirror in the center.


Step 3: Take a string or decorative lace and few wooden beads. I added random and used multi colored beads. Once you add couple of beads glue the painted flower like shown above.

Once you string beads and glue flowers add a decorative bell and you have beautiful string wall hanging decor ready to use ūüôā



Incense Holder – Upcycle Pistachio Shells


Burning incense is very relaxing and my favorite are the “Padmini Dhoop sticks”.

Incense sticks are a part of the Indian heritage and are associated with spirituality. That’s the reason most of the Indian Hindu household has it burning in the prayer room.

All these days I have been burning them in the small metal eyelet that is designed to hold the stick on the Padmini dhoop sticks box.

But now I have this cutest custom incense stick holder¬†and it is the easiest and most practical thing to do out of waste ūüôā img_5834¬†Yep these are pistachio shells upcycled to make a pretty floral incense holder ¬†<3.

Lets see what you need –

Pista shells

Glue gun

Cardboard for base

Air dry clay 

Spray paint 

Step 1 : Take a sturdy cardboard as a base. Here i used the base of empty salt carton.

img_5818 img_5819

Step 2: Start from the outer layer. Glue the shells upside down to the cardboard circle.

img_5821 img_5822

Step 3: Glue the second layer. Use a dab of hot glue to the pista shell and stick it on to the cardboard like shown below.

img_5823 img_5824

Step 4: Continue to glue towards the center.


Step 5: Fill the center with a piece of air dry clay and create a hole with the incense stick.

img_5827 img_5828 img_5829

Step 6: Leave the clay to dry for couple of hours and use spray paint of your choice and you have the incense holder ready to use ūüôā


Pretty, Isn’t it !!


These make cute home decor or Diwali gifts to friends and family.

Hope you save some shells next time and enjoy making this project ūüôā


Clay Mural Art on Cardboard


I was introduced to clay mural art by Fevicryl Hobby Ideas (FHI) page from Facebook and since then I was looking for an opportunity to try my hands. There are many tutorials available on youtube on how to make beautiful piece of art using this technique.

After watching couple of videos I learnt that this can be done on almost any surface. Of course, in India it is easy to find the traditional MDF cutouts. Also, this tutorial on  Kalash clay mural art on cardboard helped me to take up a project for Sankranthi Bommala Koluvu 2016.

It is my first time so picked a kalash image from web as a reference.


What you need is –

Print of an image on A4


Air dry clay (crayola)


Acrylic paints

Decorative rhinestones and lace/bead ball chain

Step 1: Trace the image on to a cardboard and cut it along the outline .

Take some air dry clay and start filling the details . For 3D effect – the thickness of the clay shouldn’t be consistent. Also, use glue to make sure it bonds well to the cardboard.

img_3701 img_3711

Step 2: Let it dry overnight. Paint the kalash base, leaves and coconut. Get creative and add decorative rhinestones/fancy beads. Regular glue works well to stick the rhinestones.

img_3713 img_3717

Soda can tab can be used as a picture hanger. Use hot glue or super glue to add the pop to the cardboard like here.


Isn’t that pretty? You can make almost anything¬†and this kalash wall art can be used in multiple ways for multiple occasions. I can’t wait to try more projects on mural art and share it with you all ūüôā

Happy Monday!

Ganesha Door Hanging/Wreath


Ganesh Pooja/Chaturthi is fast approaching and I am sure all of us are getting ready to celebrate the festival with full gusto.

It is one of the biggest Hindu festivals of India and personally my favorite one¬†and I don’t miss a chance in making it special every year ūüôā¬†So, when it comes to decorations all of us want to have something new every year and if you are in India it is easy to go shop for festive decorations.

Staying abroad, it may not be easy…so, why not make one by yourself.

Here is an easy and quick project that you can make with very few supplies.

IMG_2963 1

This is just not a wreath or door hanging but can be used as wall decor or even prayer/puja room decorations.

Lets see what you need :

Cardboard piece (round shape)

Glitter foam sheets  from Hobby Lobby/dollar store

Scissors (foam/fine tip preferably)

cardstock or scrapbook paper

Ganesha silhouette printed on A4

Glue, carbon/transfer paper, glue gun, fancy ribbon

Step 1: Pick an image of Ganesha silhouette and flip it (mirror image). Flipping the image is necessary because when you stencil the ganesha image on to the foam sheet you will be doing on the wrong side(non-glitter) of the sheet.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.08.33 PM 1 IMG_2725 1

Step 2: Use a carbon/transfer paper and transfer the image on to the wrong side of the glitter sheet

IMG_2728 1 IMG_2735 1

Step 3: Using fine tip scissors or foam scissors cut the foam pieces 

IMG_2736 1

Step 4: Cover the cardboard piece with matching cardstock/scrapbook paper and glue the ganesha foam pieces and add a string to hang it. I made this for last year Diwali so I  glued some foam diya cut-outs around the wreath base. 

IMG_2958 1

And you have a cute wreath/wall decor ready to use. This can be used for any festival or auspicious occasions.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

For other wreath tutorials click here , here  and here


Festive Foam Wall Decal!


Using glitter foam sheets for Indian festival decor¬†is the most easy, quick and cheapest option. Specially, if you are like me who always crave for new decorations ūüėČ

Well, today I am going to share a very budget-friendly project with foam sheets that can instantly add a cultural feel.


Don’t they look pretty??¬†And the total cost of the project is $2 (scissors already on hand)

Material required to make these –

2 Glitter foam sheets from Hobby Lobby Р99c per sheet

Foam Scissors or Micro Serrated Scissors (Optional)

Image of your choice – the one I used is here ūüôā

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.44.53 AM

 Step 1  Crop the 2 elephants and take prints on regular A4 sheet

Step 2 РTrace the image on to the wrong side of the foam sheet. Best thing about foam is if you trace it hard, it will leave marks and makes it easy to cut the desired shape.

Step 3 – Cut the traced pieces using a sharp scissors or foam scissors(surrogated scissors)

Step 4 – Use a small piece of painters/masking tape on each piece of foam sheet.


That’s it – Glue the pieces referring the image. ¬†Using a right color foam sheet ( based on the wall paint color) gives it a beautiful look ūüôā

Isn’t that easy and quick.

And comes 2nd day of the challenge and my favorite quoteScreen Shot 2016-01-30 at 9.47.05 PM

And the nominees for the day are: – has some awesome kids crafts – for some delicious recipes – get inspired to sew

Rules for the challenge:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  • Share one new quote on three consecutive days on your blog. They can be from anywhere, anyone or anything.
  • On each of the three days, nominate three more bloggers to carry on with the fun! No pressure; nominees are free to decline.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and don’t forget to leave your thoughts ūüôā

Wrapped Diwali Laddo!!


I can’t wait to share a cute and pretty way to dress up Laddos(round sweet balls) for Diwali! They look super cool and are a memorable¬†way to share with family and friends ūüôā


All you need is fancy/color tissue paper ( I found mine @ dollar store), a thin ribbon (floral section of Hobby Lobby) , cling wrap or small cellophane bags (baking section of Michaels) 

Start by wrapping the Laddos in a cling wrap or small candy bags and seal with a tiny piece of cello tape.

IMG_2982 IMG_2983

Now, cut a rectangle piece of tissue. It should be big enough to completely cover it almost twice. Roll it and twist the ends gently. Add gold ribbon to the ends.

IMG_2984 IMG_2985

Use a fancy box or a favor box(this one¬†from dollar tree) and a candle holder. That’s it, you have absolutely pretty sweet and¬†gift box ready ūüôā

IMG_2986 IMG_2989

These gift/favor boxes make great return gifts for Indian festivals and weddings too.


Cheers and Happy Diwali!

Diwali candle holders…


I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to Diwali decorations,  and that leads to some fun and awesome projects…;-) I am going to share one such last minute project for Diwali, that is quick, easy and costs less than $5.


These flower shaped clay candle holders are my new favorite ‚̧

Gather your material and get ready to make these cuties ūüôā

Air dry clay

Flower cookie cutter

Rolling pin

A small glass bowl ( base should fit a tea light candle)


Step 1: Knead the clay and roll out to a smooth 1/4 inch thick sheet


step 2: With the cookie cutter make some flowers.


Step 3: Gently roll the flowers with rolling pin.Then, turn the bowl upside down and place them on to the  bowl and press the edges .


Step 4: Let it dry overnight. They pop out easily and place them the right side up for complete drying.

IMG_2656 IMG_2674

Step 5 : Once dry paint the flower holders with the color of your choice and you have beautiful candle holders ready for this Diwali!


They can also be used to create some floor¬†patterns/rangoli with faux flowers¬†and LED candles¬†¬†like here ūüôā



Diwali Paper Luminaries..


It is just a week left for Diwali and I always have the feeling that I do not have enough decorations..;-) hehe.

Anyways, if you agree with me and are looking for last minute ideas here is a cool idea found on pinterest!


I love these paper luminaries and are super easy, quick and practical.

They are punched with thumbtacks and here is complete tutorial.

Since, I am not good @ free hand drawing – took a printout of stencil pattern¬†and punched all along the design ūüôā (stencil patterns)

All you need is glass candle holders/LED candles


Foam/cork board

Thumb tack/pushpin

Printout of the pattern

Double sided tape


Place the card stock onto a piece of cork or foam sheet and lay the stencil pattern on top.


Take a pushpin/thumb tack and start punching holes making sure they are not too close


Once done, wrap it around the candle and you have pretty luminaire ready…:-)

See you in my next Diwali post!