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Christmas Outdoor Decor!!


Holiday decorations create a festive atmosphere and make you think that it is holiday everywhere 😉

Well, the outdoor decorations are more fun, like you can add a wreath, some lights and my favorite is having an outdoor christmas tree that brightens the porch.

So, I have been looking for some quick, easy and less expensive ideas on outdoor tree and  found a project on PINTEREST, faux tree made from a tomato cage. Seriously. The cost is way less than average store bought tree!

Here is the video tutorial –

I couldn’t wait to get started and gathered tomato cage(already on hand), faux tree garlands(4) and zip ties from 99c store and it costed $5. With some tree ornaments, bow and tree topper on hand I finished setting up my outdoor christmas tree in jus 15 minutes.


I love it!! However, I skipped using a planter and filled with some faux gifts. To make those, pick couple of gift wrap rolls from dollar tree, wrap empty cardboard boxes and place under the tree.


And Tadahh!!! These faux gift boxes can be used for indoor or outdoor tree 🙂

IMG_0729Make this cute little christmas outdoor tree and greet your guests!!

Happy Holidays!!


DIY Cardboard Coaster Ornaments!


Is your christmas tree up??

It is and if you are still wondering on what more ornaments can be added to make it look full??

Well, in my christmas series I have an interesting and super quick way to make tree ornaments by yourself using IKEA cardboard coasters 😉


Isn’t it fun and unique to write some festive messages on these coasters 🙂

So, all you need is 3 items and 3 simple steps 😀

IKEA cardboard coasters – 99c (pack of 10)

Metal Single-hole punch – 99c ( 99 cent store)

Black Marker – on hand

Step 1: Gather your supplies


Step 2 : Punch a hole


Step 3 : Write some fun messages


Well if you are not really keen on DIY, don’t worry you have some cool Santa Claus Coasters @ IKEA that you can use as ornaments.

Happy Holidays!!

DIY Owl Christmas Ornament


Welcome to Christmas/holiday fun series-2 🙂

This year holiday spirits are high, it is just November and I am almost done on DIYing christmas gifts and can’t wait to finish christmas ornaments.

Well, in my search for DIY ornaments, I found really cool way of making owls @ Paging fun mums. It is super easy and using a few common supplies and some polymer clay/air dry clay you have cute little ornaments ready 😀

Do you love our cute little owl family 😉


So, lets get started. I am sorry to post pics from original site.

There is some issue with my camera SD card and and I lost all the tutorial pics 😦

Owl-step-by-step 2 Owl-step-by-step 4 Owl-step-by-step 3 Owl-step-by-step 5 Owl-step-by-step 6

How you make it:

Step 1 : Simply roll a ball of polymer clay/air dry clay  and cut into a circle using a bowl/mason jar cap.

When I was rolling into circle I added small pieces of contrasting clay for pattern. For grey owl ornament, added white and for red ornament, I added yellow and further red on it and rolled it all together.

Step 2: Fold the sides of the circle to form “wings” and top to form “face” .

Step 3: Stamp eyes using the lid of the marker and some details using toothpick.

Step 4: Bake it for 20 minutes @ 270 F and let it cool.

Step 5: Use metallic markers or acrylic paint to highlight the details.



These are also fun to gift to friends and family 😀

Have a great day!!

Kids Christmas Ornament Craft!!


Yayy!!! 50 days until christmas.

Last year was first time, I have set up the tree with store-bought ornaments/decorations. We  had friends over for dinner for almost all through December. Since it was our first time, we were too excited and had multiple photo sessions 😉

Here is a picture of us – Christmas 2013 🙂


This year, I definitely need more ornaments for my 6 FT Faux Christmas tree 🙂

I came across some really fancy  ornaments and holiday decorations, sadly they cost a pretty penny.

So, this year it is going to be D.I.Y ornaments and I am super excited to start my series with some amazing projects.

Well, in my first series it is going to be a kids chirstmas Ornament craft.

Pipe cleaner/Chennile Stem Ornaments


I loveee them 🙂

So all you need is a scale and some white and red stems from dollar store/walmart.


Measure the stems ( mine are 30 cms). Divide the stem to 5 equal parts ( 6 cm each side) and form 3 v’s and join the ends.


Measure the white stem and cut 6 equal parts(10 cms each – total 2 stems). Bind 2 together which makes 3 stems. Now form “V” shape at each end and join together with a white piece of stem.


 Candy Cane

Take each of white and red stem and twist. Bend it into half and further twist and shape it. You can add a bow too with green stem.

IMG_0665And, you now have the pretty ornaments ready to decorate it any way you choose 🙂


See you in my next series 🙂