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Tip Thursday – Homemade Face pack!


Are you looking for a natural and homemade recipe for facial mask. Here I am going to share a simple face pack/mask that uses simple items.


What you need :

1 tsp of Oats

1 tsp of water

1 tbsp of honey

1 tbsp of lemon juice

1/2 tsp of coconut oil (optional) – good for winters

How you make:

Soak oats in water for couple of hours (preferably overnight). It absorbs all the water and binds together.

To the oats paste add honey and lemon juice and mix well until it forms a smooth paste.

Apply the paste and let is sit for 10-15  minutes.

It gets almost dry. Now take little water and gently massage on your face 2-3 minutes in circular motions.

Wash it with cold water and apply moisturizer.

Note : This face pack is appropriate for all skin types.

For better results try weekly twice. It not only helps to keep your skin smooth, removes any dead skin, fights bacteria and protects from sun damage.



Make your own herbal tea!


Curry Leaf is a herb, native to India and is used for flavoring. They are tender and have a great aroma.  I have been reading a lot about curry leaf paste, tea, oil and its benefits for skin, hair and overall health.

The tea was interesting and was very happy to find something healthy to replace green tea(I canont have green tea without sweetener)and it tasted really good. Since then, I drink it lukewarm every morning, on empty stomach with a tsp of lemon juice 🙂


It is easy, quick and you can make in batches 🙂 The best way to replace sugar/honey is  fennel seeds. These seeds help in eliminating the natural bitter taste of the leaf .

So, to make the herbal tea –

You need:


Handful of fresh curry leaves (chopped/whole)

2 tsp of fennel seeds (whole/powder)

Lemon juice – before you drink


Brewing the tea :

Boil a small amount of water

Add curry leaves and fennel seeds/powder and cover it.

Boil on medium heat for 10 more minutes.


Turn off the heat and let it sit at least 6 hours (preferably overnight @ room temperature).

Strain and when ready to drink, warm it and add lemon juice.

Brew large quantity :

Strain and Store in a glass container. If cooled immediately it can stay up to 5 days.

Happy Tuesday!

Tip of the week!!


This is a great tutorial on how to drape a Saree Lehenga in 10 easy steps by Kalpana Shah.

1. Tie the underskirt a little looser than usual.

2. Start by tucking in your Saree with a folded box pleat.Flatten it and pin it in place.
3. Turn the underskirt towards your right hip, make another pleat, pin it and turn the skirt again.

4. Continue until you reach the first pleat.

5. Make sure you have 7 to 8 pleats distributed all around your waist.
6. 3 pleats at the back, 1 pleat on the right and 3 in front.
7. Once the lehenga is complete tighten your underskirt and start pleating your pallu. Make up to 4 1/2 pleats.
 8. Drape the pallu down your right shoulder. Stretch the innermost border on the left and tuck it into the skirt.
 9. You can tie a belt around your pallu,to complete the look.
10. This is how the Saree Lehenga should appear from the back.


Hope you enjoy this new style!!

Happy Thursday!!

Creative Sisters!!


So, today it is about my 2 younger siblings Radhika (Rads) & Madhavi (Madhu):-) I love my sisters and cannot image life without them. We fight a lottt and at times share, laugh and love to hang out..;)

Since, they don’t “over use” social media unlike me..;) I thought will share some amazing stuff they do. I had to take permissions before putting in blog!! Kidding 😉 they are very sweet.

1010833_336205073180158_1779933848_nRads is an amazing artist. She is a test engineer by profession and lives in London, England. If you happen to visit my home ( in India) the walls are filled with her paintings. My dad is amazing too, he makes sure to get it framed and find a place on the wall.. :-)She does so many like sketching, oil painting, abstract, portrait, sand art etc.

Well, I can’t wait to share some of her work 🙂


210795_10150229041652059_778682058_8673591_1017748_o 224131_10150229041787059_778682058_8673593_1903563_n

228710_10150229041562059_778682058_8673590_7365562_n 230449_10150229041907059_778682058_8673594_1717535_n


And then comes my youngest one Madhu.

IMG_2412She is flip-flops/sandals freak and has a ton that matches her dresses..;-)A Darling sister with a beautiful smile.

She is a legal advisor by profession and works for Google, India. Offlate, addicted to Pinterest…;-) I thought I will share some of her DIY’s..;)

So, her recent project is flip-flop makeover and I can’t wait to share how quick a piece a ribbon can change the look and match instantly. Unfortunately I don’t have before pics..:(


Image 1 Image

And also, she matches her tops/t-shirts to sarees( replace with blouse)  and they look absolutely fab. Don’t you think that is a great idea.


2007-04-29 00.41.59-2

And lastly, she does no heat curls from socks..;) After she shared the trick I do it always and was never disappointed. All she does is cut the toe part of a nice stretchy sock and roll it to make  a bun.

Here is the tutorial :

From the above pic you know how her hair looks before curls and now after the sock bun..;-)




Btw this is one more t-shirt & saree pairing..:P

I hope you love them and will keep sharing more of their work & creations!!