Painting on rocks!!


Hi Friends,

Today’s topic may not be new to everyone, but I really enjoy doing it..:) Painting on rocks can be done with no expense and  a fun craft for kids too.  I would say go grab some Washable markers/sharpie from a dollar store or a nearby stationery and keep them handy.

I found mine @

Don’t you think it is cute & beautiful??


While browsing Pinterest I found amazing stuff, some are cute, some are funny and some intricate. For this craft all you need is a set of markers and pebbles/stones and if you stay close to beach you are blessed..:)

I am still blessed because I live in a place where temperatures are triple-digit desert extremes…;)  My front yard landscaping is pebbles and it wasn’t hard for me to make and watch on how these life less pebbles/rocks turned out beautiful. However, in my next visit to beach I am going to carry back a ton of them..;)


I made the Owl painting with a little motivational quote and use it as paper weight. I can’t say how unique it is.

I also painted fish and sticked a piece of magnet(from Home Depot)  and made 2 little fridge magnets..:)


You can help your toddler write a message for special occasions/draw  and stick a magnet.  That way you can save it forever and enjoy watching everyday.  The options are endless and hope you enjoy painting on rocks as much I do and if possible share your creations…:)

Happy Crafting!!


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